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I Moved to the Canary Islands..??!

Specifically into a yurt.

Current Location: Lajares, Fuerteventura

Eeeeep I haven’t been diligent about writing here. Bah! Better late than never.

It took some time and some trial and error, but I think I am finally finding my way during this year (maybe more??) without a plan.

Let’s review:

In July I quit my job, my lease ended, and I got dumped. Two-ish weeks later I jumped on a plane to Switzerland with a one-way ticket and have been bopping around Europe ever since. If you're curious about that, my previous posts elaborate a little more.

Quick summary of the past two and a half months:

I have been to Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, and Spain. I have seen friends & family in many places, worked a job for trade, drank a lot of wine at a 60th birthday party at a vineyard in Italy with a bunch of Swedes, and spent a week alone in Basque country Northern Spain. I have eaten more pastries than there are sheep in New Zealand and found a mountain to run up every opportunity I got. I’ve learned about the impact of COVID around the world over shared meals with other travelers and was a hair model for a rad woman-owned scrunchy company (shout out to my gal Melanie and Loup!). I have become enamored with Cribbage and have failed at keeping up with the Bachelor in Paradise.

I have also spent a lot of time alone and fallen subject to the power of the mind’s ability to launch down some deep, dark rabbit holes. Shout out to some super special Amherst and Boulder pals for listening to my “Personal Podcasts” (aka what I am calling Whatsapp Audio message updates) and holding space for me from afar. Travel tends to be like Instagram: romanticized. I have a lot to say about solo travel as a woman, being American in Europe, long-term travel, vagabonding during COVID, and navigating jobs for trade (where in exchange for work you get food + accommodation). But I will save those thoughts for a later date.

Ok ok ok…blah blah blah what does all that have to do with the Canary Islands? This is an update I am finally excited to share! After over two months in Europe, I finally feel like I am on the right path. I am pursuing my dreams to learn Spanish, to delve deeper into my yoga teaching, and to be by the ocean surfing… and so...

...I have moved to the island of Fuerteventura, Spain!

Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, which sit off the Northwest coast of Africa and are politically part of Spain. Fuerteventura is the second-largest Canary Island, after Tenerife, and the name is a compound word formed by the Spanish words for "strong" (fuerte) and "fortune" (ventura). The island is a volcano which Google tells me "hasn't erupted in over 4000 years" so that makes me feel...good?

In Fuerteventura, I am wearing many hats. I am working for trade at Surf n’ Yoga Fuerteventura as a Yin and Vinyasa yoga teacher and supporting guest relations at the camp. And before you ask how long this is for… the answer is uncertain! One month? Two? More? Who knows! I am intentionally leaving space for things to fall into place as they/I see fit.


More on how I had to ping pong around to get to this point at a later date. For now, below are some pictures of my new “home.”

Thanks for reading. If you are keen to continue to hear from me, please hit "Subscribe." Emails and Whatsapp (you can find me using my US number) messages are also always welcome - I'd love to hear from you.

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